Resolution Audio CD-55 Sound?

I'm looking for opionions to get an idea of the signiture sound of this unit. Is it bright and detailed or is it on the warmer side yet still detailed? Does it have a very forward sound or more laid back. What CD player would you compare it against as far as sound?

I've had the oppotunity to audition a Cary 303/200 and felt like that player was very forward...detailed but a little "in your face" and sterile.

I'm looking for something detailed like the Cary but a little bit on the warmer, full bodied side. Just wondering if the CD-55 fits this bill?

Raysonic 128 see reviews and discussions on this audio forum as well. It fits exacly your wanted description sonically, cost used cost is a little more than a Res audio cd-55 but much newer overall design and parts. Build quality is not matched by anything near the price, it is tube however like some of the carys. see 6 moons for good info and the website, we can't post here anymore but you can find them.

good luck
In MHO the Cd55 is considerably more musical than the Cary. It is warm and musical while detailed and open. I have heard nothing near the price to compete or for that matter few players that are truly better regardless of the price. The sound is very involving and for the most part you can forget you are listening to digital.