Resolution Audio CD 50 MAGIC without preamp

I was curious about my newly aquired cd50 and thought lets try hooking it up direct to amp. To say I am floored is a understatement! my speakers I thought were lacking bass not any more the even weight that i was looking for to the music is now there! It's really amazing, However I almost didn't try this because I was told or read somewhere that it's always better with a preamp. I don't see or hear what I could possibly be missing. I am stunned!
I'm going to get tared and feathered for this,but No preamp is the best preamp! If your receiving component has at least 10 times the input impedance of the output impedance of the driving component you're most likely better off without the active gain stage in an active preamp. You need at least 2 volts of output. This is why good system matching can use just a passive preamp with no gain.
I hope they have enough tar for the both of us. I prefer passive preamps as well and IIRC, in the case of the CD50, the analog volume control is passive so in the right system going direct should provide very good sound.
I had that cd player a long time ago. It is a great cd player. Enjoy it!