Resolution Audio - Cantata

Has anyone heard the new Resolution Audio Cantata? I am looking at starting a computer based system. How does it rate with other systems?
I believe I saw some impressions of it on the Computer Audiophile site.
I've heard it and think it is definitely something to keep in mind if you want a unit that can still allow you to play CDs while giving you multiple options to stream music from a computer, including what I consider the best which is Ethernet via router. The sound quality is excellent and a good step above the well regarded Opus 21 (which I own). If you have a single source system the built in analog volume control is excellent so you can eliminate a preamp in the process.

I've listened to quite a few of the USB SPDIF converters and while they have come a long way, none surpassed the Cantata. In addition I listened to both Steve Nugent's set-up and the Cantata at RMAF and preferred the Cantata.
I bought a Resolution Audio Cantata a few weeks ago. I will follow up with a full review after it is fully broken in and I get my Cat JL-1's amps back in my system. One is off for repairs. That said, I am using an Airtight ATM-2 now with my Sonus Faber Amatis, pair of REL Stentor II's and CAT Ultimate preamp. I also have a Basis Debut Gold vacuum with Vector arm and Koetsu Urishi, Walker motor drive, Otari MX5050III and Tape Project tapes, etc.. I am a big analog guy. I traded in my Wadia 860 for this Cantata. All I can say for sure is that I am stunned by the music flowing from the Cantata. I had given up on red book years ago. I have 20 years worth of red book cd's I am now thrilled to listen to for the first time since I got back into vinyl over 10 years ago. The Cantata is a little music box. It produces some of the best bass I have ever heard in my system. Beating the Otari at 15 ips. The midrange is fleshed out with great depth and decay. The treble is sweet. Very analog like. The soundstage is incredible. Give it a good listen. There is something special about this player. It is a music box, big time. I use it with a Mac Mini ( apple lossless ) and USB. It of course does a wonderful job with the 24/96 downloads from HD Tracks. More later...

Thanks for the replies, anyone else?

Any more comments/reviews/opinions? Thanks!