Resolution Audio Cantata

Anyone hear this yet?

I have and I thought it was spectacular, but wasn't able to A/B it with any of the typical favs.
Next Hi-Fi Choice magazine has a lead review in it. New copy on sale from next week in UK. Really looking forward to reading first press review.
Next Hi-Fi Choice magazine has a lead review in it. New copy on sale from next week in UK. Really looking forward to reading first press review.
I have compared the Cantata over the last week to a dCs P8i as a CD player and as a streaming player from my Mac compared to a Metric Halo LIO8. I have previously had a Linn Klimax DS on demo.
Overall the Cantata is my favourite, sound up there with the Linn, whilst being much more convenient to use and never crashing...
The detail recovery and imaging are first rate, and the treble is less glassy than the dCs whilst remaining clear. Superb.
I had a chance to hear it this weekend at the Bay Area Audio Show put on by Dagogo. I found it to be a very good unit and enjoyed listening to it The set up included a pair of Gradient 1.5 speakers (other than Audio Physics, I have never heard a pair of speakers disappear like these). The amp was also Resolution Audio.

Yesterday close to the end of the show we popped in a pair of PSI A-25 active speakers and threw on Santana's Abraxas. Only myself and the rep were in the room and we had the door open. I started cranking up the sound quite loud and in moments people started filing into the room because they liked what they heard in the hallway. The room was full within a couple minutes.

In the room the sound never distorted or broke up. I hadn't seen so many people bopping to the music in a hotel room at a show before. To be courteous, I asked a few people if it was too loud and they said turn it up some more. One of the most fun demos I've had at a show.
f1eng, can you be more specific in terms of how the Cantata compared to the LIO-8? I currently use the LIO-8 as my reference DAC. It would be interesting to hear how the Cantata compares to the Weiss DAC202 which some have also said they prefer to the LIO-8/ULN-8. Thanks.
Has anyone compared the Cantata against the RA Opus 21 for standard cd playback???
Sorry for delay Earflappin. The excellent tonal neutrality of the LIO-8 is equalled, the musical timbre is better, the stereo imaging wider and deeper and the resolution of low level detail, and particularly the intelligibility of low level detail against louder parts of the mix is remarkable.
I tried also a Linn Klimax DS at twice the price and whilst excellent it was clearly inferior to the Cantata.

I got my Resolution Audio Cantata about 2.5 weeks ago and have had a good chance to listen. I have compared it extensively with my Great Northern Sound Company modified Wadia S7i. I posted a review of the Cantata in the "Reviews" section of Audiogon and would be interested in anyone else's experiences either as responses to the review or in this thread. Be gentle. I don't think that I have ever posted a review and am convinced that it must not be an easy way to earn a living.