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My system consist of Audiolab 8000A ( as pre amp) , Power Amp (pass labs Aleph 3) and CD player ( Marantz CD63se KI ). When the volume turned to 11oclock position the sound level is not what I would call loud, But when fed directly from the CD player It sound more dynamics and goes louder. I'm afraid that it might cause damage to the speakers or amp if running this configuration? As I recall reading stereophile the reviewer Muse Kastanovich did solder resistor to the interconnect when he review the power amp, when fed directly from the CD source, but he didn't mention the value of the resistor? I need help ( resistor value) from owners who have try this or any professional help is greatly appreciated. As I'm thinking of bypass the pre-amp and directly fed the CD player to power amp. Thanks
With no volume control in your CD player, you'd be playing every CD at the same level, whatever attenuation you added. That's not workable, is it? It wouldn't be close to workable with my CD's. In any case, a fixed attenuation network shouldn't be a single resistor, I think experts would agree, but rather one Rs in series and one Rg to ground following Rs. Values would depend on what your CD player can handle at the low end, but certainly not more than 10K for Rs + Rg. This is because the Aleph 3's input impedance is lowish at 23K ohms. I've used 10K ohm passives with Aleph 3's very successfully. But your idea of fixed attenuation simply won't work, I'm sorry to say. And once you put a real volume control between CD player and power amp, it's not so different from playing CD's through your active preamp. Well, maybe it is--I thought so when I went exclusively to passive preamps, selling a CAT SL-1 Signature because it wasn't transparent enough. Would you consider simply replacing the Audiolab used as preamp? With a good passive preamp? That sounds like what you need, at least if you don't play LP's. Please feel free to email me if you'd like to discuss this further.
Dear Zenofex, Please reconsider this experiment. I tried something very similar in the past. I used a simple 2 position switch with high and low settings. I do not recall what resistors I used but remember using the trial and error method to find the right ones. No 2 CD's are set at the same recording level so at least 2 settings are helpful. I eventually abandoned the attenuator in favor of transformers. You can even build your own volume contol using transformers. Look up Bentaudio on the web and look under volume controlers. John runs the show there and he is very helpfull. He can probobly help you better than most. Party On Dude,
I'm not sure what a "KI" is, but a stock CD63SE has a built in "volume control" (accessible via remote only). If your unit still has this, you should be okay as long as the input impedance of the amp is over about 20k. The only problem with this is that after the CD63SE is turned off, if I'm not mistaken, it comes back on at full volume. Also, it may start playing any CD that's in it. This might not be healthy for the speakers! Also, the SE's attenuater isn't too great sounding below about 50%. The manual states that the output impedance of a stock SE is 200 ohms, with a full scale output of 2 V RMS.
Yo Xeno, This is a bad idea!!! Two suggestions. First, if you are intent upon a passive volume control, try the Sweet Wispers at Electronic Tonalities.
You can find it at:

Wellborn Labs also has a kit that is much better and much more expensive. Look at:

for more info.

A much better idea would be to sell the CD63SE and the Audiolab 8000A. Then buy a nice used Theta Miles for about a grand or a used Wadia 830 for about two grand. Both have volume controls on the remote and will drive a power amp directly. The results will be much better than screwing around with passive volume controls and that 5 year old Marantz.
~~~~Professional help is worth a try. Didn't do a thing for me. A waste of $50/hr. Spent a little less than that on my Father's Day present to myself. Nora Jones CD-" Come away with me" The late Eva Cassidy's CD's-Songbird and Live at Blues Alley. Now that's what I call Professional help! Hope this helps somehow.

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I strongly second Audiopath's suggestions. I can also add that results will not only be better but SAFER! If Theta or Wadia are not to your liking, other choices abound... Cheers