Resellers & Retalers

I havent been here a year yet and got the nitty gritty. This place has been here for years and once was more of a club for audiophiles to share and sell. The resellers and retailers have taken it to a new level, what a shame. Every once in a while I hear you will run across a bargain, thats a plus, no doubt. I have run across a few the older audiogon gurus and count my blessings I didnt get sukked into the reseller's sales shuffle.

I do hope my future encounters are as fruitful and those coming in here newbie like me the same. Thumbs up to those that know reseller prices are just that...reseller prices.
What you write is too true. Used to be far more just us audiophiles buying and selling gear.
Then more and more folks who seem to be making a hobby of flipping gear have shown up.
Whether they own systems or not, they still scour the ads and buy up any gear which is underpriced and relist it at higher prices.
So all the 'deals' from ordinary audiophiles never last more than a few hours.

I myself have gotten some great items from real audiophiles waanting to pass on stuff they enjoyed. And I have sold stuff for well under the top prices the items were going for.
That seldom happens anymore.
Now more of the ads are resellers than from nice audiophiles wanting to pass on equipment they enjoyed. Too many are resellers or business/dealers selling off stock.

I am lucky I really do not need to buy anything anymore. Or sell anything.
Welcome to America, the land of capitalism. Thank goodness some Americans are still able to be 'traders' and 'merchants' and not be concerned with having an attraction with the actual goods. Think about it, such sites like eBay, have encouraged capitalism, in its rawest form. Long live the 'flippers'.
Yup ! About covers it.
Capitalism, ya gotta love it.
No where is safe.

All the best,
Once upon a time, there was an abundant middle class, and brick and mortar stores were all around us.......and before that.....there were dinosaurs. :)

Time waits for no one.
I know plenty of god old audiophiles who are discounting their beloved gear below 50 percent off and STILL can't move stuff. The problem is a combination of a bad economy, the "something for nothing" attitude fueled by the "free" Internet and poor policies on this site. Used to be, you would see "sold" signs all over the listings, which gad a positive effect on market psychology. Now, the policy of letting ads "just disappear" leaves people with no idea of what is selling and what is not. Good thing no other marketplace works this way.
It's a bit depressing.Not as fun as it was several years ago.We used to all be friendly,polite, and helpful toward each each other.Now it's mostly greed and one upmanship.
Well I believe all of that is part of the Audiogon redesign a couple of years ago. Retailers pay a flat monthly fee and can run as many ads as they wish. While hobbyists have been levied upon a 2% tax, which can really add up. That's why many hobbyists are looking to sell elsewhere, while more retailers move in and set up shop here. It's the design of the website.
I have been Agoner for about 4 years and have a similar story to many who, after long hiatus, had the itch. What the Agon community provides far outweighs the few pitfalls. There is so much information, affordable gear, conversation and so many options available. I get to, in the comfort of my living room, learn so much and have so many options to look through when I am shopping for my interest of the month. I agree there are more scammers and resellers etc. but I see also how the community has had each others backs calling out BS and warning of scammers, I have a 30k thingy only 6 months old for sale from Europe for only 10k what a steel. Really! I just know that a little more patience and discernment is needed now, which takes a little bit of the fun and innocence out of the site. Seems like Agon has caught up to the world outside.