Researching value of two pairs of hi-end speakers

I am inquiring about two pairs of extremely valuable loudspeakers, both of which belonged to the late great recording engineer Stan Ricker, who is known to everyone in the profession. On behalf of his daughter, who is now owner, i am researching their possible market value as she intends to sell them to an audio enthusiast who will put them to good use. I seek professional advice as to a reasonable asking price, and especially a realistic minimum. All components appear to be in excellent condition.

Two tall triaxial speakers are custom made (no brand name) and comprise one of only two pairs that were ever manufactured (the other pair was purchased by Barbara Streisand): Each box is 49" high with 17" x 20" square tops for each (42" across the top for the two side by side) with 16" diameter ports. There are subwoofer, coax and 12V DC jacks on the back, with a port 12" in diameter. E-mail for images

The other pair consists of mid-size six-sided Electrovoice speakers, labeled "The Aristocrat." Each is 19" across the top. 16.5" back to front, 28" from bottom ledge to top, with a 2" high foot beneath the ledge. The foot is 17.5" across. The open back is 28" high by 5" across. E-mail for images

Any help is deeply appreciated. -- Rob Shaw

I had the EV Aristocrat cabinets. They usually came with EV drivers and x-overs. I got my pair of empty cabinets in a trade from a friend. Not worth much! Loaded with EV drivers they might sell for $200 - $400 dollars/pair.
The EV's are similar to Klipsch and I was told that some had the Cornwall's mid-range driver???  
I've got a pair now and the sound is good, typical horn but my Cornwalls were nicer.  The EV's are pretty common and many were even kits.  They are efficient and worth a try.  To me the crossovers are their weakness.
I would venture to say you have anything but high end speakers there...dont quit you day thinking your on the beach sippin  drinks doing nadda.
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Most custom speakers don't sell for much.  You'll have to sell them as being
"Stan Rickers's" at an auction where friends and devotees may bid them up a bit
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As you may have notice by now loudspeakers do not represent valuable objects unless you can prove Marilyn Monroe was listening to them while she was dying. If you happen to like the way they sound and the price is right, go for it. Otherwise not  brilliant investment.
Michael Fremer knew Ricker and wrote a nice R.I.P. for him. Michael is pretty approachable and he might give you his opinion about the speakers if you contact him.

Otherwise I think you will have trouble selling these speakers for a significant amount of money. Your best bet might be to familiarize yourself with the forums that specialize in recording like Gearslutz and target your listings to people who may know who Ricker was. Another option is which specializes in selling music and recording gear. Another rabbit hole would be to research if there are any recording museums or if there are collectors of vintage recording gear. This is a long shot but Dave Grohl might be the kind of person that would be interested in preserving these speakers. He bought the Sound City console and he is a known collector of vintage gear.

Unfortunately no-brand-name rarity is not a good thing in audio. It would be neat to be able to say, "The Beatles were mastered on these speakers" but it probably doesn't lead to a high value. Good luck and I hope you find a good home for this gear.
As mentioned the EV speakers are not high ticket items.

However, as far as the "triaxial" speakers go I suggest that attempt to identify the drivers (speakers).

My guess is that they use off the shelf Triaxial drivers with custom shop built cabinets (this was common practice during the 50's/60's/70's).

The drivers could be Goodmans, University et cetera and the value lies with their make/model/condition.

The triaxials are Jensen 610-B if I'm correct.  Value should be around $1000 to $2500 depending on lots of things.
The cabinets aren't worth the shipping.  Strip them out and sell the drivers and crossovers.

I have a major update regarding the EV speakers that alters their value considerably. These are actually Jensen speakers within an EV frame. I dont know which model without opening the back, but they are Jensens which Stan installed and are no longer manufactured. I wasnt aware of this when I originally posted.As noted in another comment, the larger pair are Jensen G-610b, a rare model. Thanx to everyone for all the input.
8th-Note: Thank you for the references. How do i contact Michael Fremer? As for reaching Dave Grohl, i would imagine thats virtually impossible for a musician of that public stature, but i will give it a try.
Thanx for the reference! BTW, the large custom speakers were made by Sam Saye of ESD Acoustics a few years ago to Stan's specifications. As noted, only two pairs were manufactured.
Just took a peek at the ESD Acoustics site. Wow!
Would really help if you could post a photo of the speakers here. 
From what I have seen on the ESD site they must be something very special.
The EV Aristocrats most popular configuration was with SP12B 12" triaxial speakers, although some featured the heavier-duty SP-12 triax's.
If Jensen speakers were substituted they probably are similar to the two Electro-Voices.  Some prefered the sound of the Jensens over the EV's.

The EV's sell in the range of $3500-4500 per pair when sold on eBay, depending on cabinet condition and speakers included.
I forgot to add ... the Aristocrats are corner horns and only develop their full potential of bass when placed in a corner.  So room dimension and listening positions become even more critical than usual.

Even so, don't expect bass to extend below about 45hz from these things.