Resale value

Just curious ... do you consider potential resale value when purchasing new or used equipment?
I always consider potential resale value when buying new or used.
I wish I was wealthy enough to ignore resale value, unfortunately though, I am not.
I do my best to buy once (and my track record is pretty good), so no...I don't consider it.
Yes, I always consider resale value when buying audio equipment. I go through spurts of buy/sell/trade and don't want to lose my shorts. I nearly always take my time and search/wait for a good deal. Doing this has allowed me to try a lot of equipment in my own home over the years..... And not lose my shorts!
When buying audio, I buy what I want and don't really consider resale value. However, almost everything I buy is rather high performance, so it tends to hold value relatively well. I tend to hold onto gear for a long time - sometimes decades even.

I disagree with tonykay that it's like the stock market. The major stock exchanges exist in large part to ensure liquidity; there is no equivalent in audio. Moreover, audio equipment is not an investment, it's an expense.