Required Tools for TT Setup & Maintenance

I've owned turntables since the early 80's but never setup or tried maintaining a TT myself which I would like to get into.

What would you recommend as minimum required tools to setup and maintain a TT? What about reference "how to" material (books)?

My current TT setup consists of the VPI Scoutmaster, VPI JMW-9 Sig. / Dynavector DV-20X Low MC.
Protractor, VTF Scale, a simple folded in 1/2 ruled 3"x5" Index Card to at least start from level VTA, and perhaps having the Cardas Sweep, and Burn LP.

I see Mehran of Sorasound currently clearing out a fairly decent VTF Scale, and this will suffice, you can of course go other routes if you like.

As for a Protractor, definitely spend the money, and order (through paypal, you can use a credit card if you like) a Mintlp Arc Protractor, it will be money well spent, just read the posts in the archives by entering Mintlp. The Protractor I have found as well was a wise purchase. It will be custom made specifically for your Turntable. Do order the lit magnifier, and 10X Loupe as well, this Protractor aligns the Stylus-Cantilever at almost the microscopic level, and the null grid, and reference marks are almost impossible to see by naked eye.

The Cardas LP will help perform some simple, but good tests, but of course your ear, and music will ultimately test how all sounds to you.

Stylus Maintainence, you'll note a large amount of us here have abandoned virtually every type of wet, or dry Stylus Cleaner, in favor of the White Mr Clean Magic Eraser. There's countless threads about this as well in the Archives. Compliment the Mr. Clean ME with a good Stylus Brush, and you'll be all set.

Always start from level VTA with any Cartridge, and go from there. You won't have to spend any money for tutotials, there's an encyclopedia, and wealth of info right here, and if you cannot find what you need to know, just holler, the folks here will help you. Mark
Michael Fremer TT set up DVD.
Good protractor (Mint highly recommended but need a new one for each arm/TT combo.
Accurate digital VTF guage (0.01 gm precision)
10x loupe.
Good strong light.
Excellent close-up vision (no joke)!!!
KAB Strobe.
Magic eraser on a stick stylus cleaner (search forums)
Record cleaning machine.
A turntable should always be level, so make sure you have a level of some sort.
Roll of masking tape to make sure the platter can't move. I find this much better than Mint's suggestion of chopping up pencil erasers and wedging them under the platter. Masking tape holds very well and leaves no marks. Put strips on both sides of the platter. I second the eyesight, I sold a lot of turntables when I was in my 40's and set them up for customers without charge and enjoyed doing it. In my late 60's it is a different story.
Take a quick tour here. Then,
As above, simplifying Swampwalker, the absolute minimum required is:
A protractor indicating the two "nul points" and overhang (you can print this;
Stroboscope (you can print that);
Small precision screwdriver;
VTF gauge (i.e. a scale, to measure the "vertical tracking force"). Digital if possible, if not there is an imprecise but cheap mechanical alternative by Shure;
Stylus cleaner, brush &/or magic eraser that you will handle with great care;
The light & eye sight apply as per Swampwalker.Regards
Digital if possible, if not there is an imprecise but cheap mechanical alternative by Shure - 10-31-08: Gregm

Just to know I compared my mecanical Shure gauge with my Digital one and the Shure is perfect like the digital
A great result for an old mecanical gauge