Requests for Music Reviews

I am about to start working on another jazz review, and would like suggestions regarding artists. I had tentatively decided to do a piece on tenor saxist David Murray, with commentary on 4-5 of his better albums. However, I'd like to know about other jazz artists that are of interest to the members. My LP and CD collection contains a pretty good sample of the work of most of the major and minor jazz artists, so please feel free to suggest anyone of interest.
One area that I am interested in are the 60 to 90s period of Miles Davis' career. I am new to jazz as I am to audio. One seemed to follow the other. I got some of the recommended releases from Penguin. I really enjoy Miles' sound, KOB, Somethin Else and Miles Smiles, it is so distinctive. I just picked up his Tribute to Jack Johnston and was completely entranced last night. I'm not sure but I think this album is a precursor to fusion and what the kids are listening to, is it hip hop or house music? This may be a pedestrian request but any insight into this period including recommended artists and albums would be greatly appreciated.

SD, First off, lets state at the outset, that you are one of the top three assets this site has to offer. All of the heat that you have taken recently regarding your character is an outright lie. Your knowledge of topics related to the music field is, without question.
I typically look for your posts in that area, because I am certain that your comments are valid and accurate, as you have proven over and over.
All one need do, is read your comments on a post regarding "racism" a few weeks back, and any assaults on your persona will quickly be silenced. Sorry, but that needed to be stated, clearly.

Now, regarding this post, David Murray would be a great choice. (MORNING SONG LP!!!!)

If I were to name a single artist in Jazz that I felt everyone that was really serious about the subject should hear, and I only had ONE choice, The artist would be Pianist
The CD that changed my life musically when I heard it was
Tete Montoliu Trio>>> "Tootie's Tempo" STEEPLECHASE SCCD 31108.
I simply know of no other Trio that is this good. I can confidently reccomend to all serious Jazz people this CD as the very best artistry and musicmaking I have ever heard. The recording is really minimalist and outstanding. Recorded in 1976 with Niels Henning Orsted Pederson (Bass) and the spectacular Albert "Tootie" Heath on drums.
Tete, was blind and recently passed away, but I can assure you, once this artist grabs hold of you, you really wont forget it. ITS THAT GOOD. Thanks for listening..........Frank
I am particuarly fond of the Vandermark 5. I think it still counts as free jazz, but it is less chaotic (and as such more listenable, imo) than Ken Vandermark's other combos.
I would suggest "Target or Flag" and/or "Simpatico".
Sd; As a result of Redkiwi's recommendation(s) I've become a big fan of Shirley Horn and especially like her ballads-- what an incredible voice. You probably know this: Diana Krall recommended Shirley Horn for the Verve labels "Ultimate" series of jazz performers, and that particulare CD is excellent. Cheers. Craig
Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions. Your ideas should provide enough grist to keep me busy for several months. To Frap: great mention of Tete Montoliu, one of my personal favorites. Tete is certainly near the top in the 2nd tier of jazz pianists -- which means he is/was a stellar talent, but never got recognition he deserved (rather like Gene Harris, who chose to live in Boise, ID, not exactly a hot-spot for top jazz talent). I'd add a few other names to the list of fine but under-recognized jazz pianists (such as Dolo Coker): Abdullah Ibrahim (formerly known as Dollar Brand), a great South African talent; Michel Petrucciani (sadly gone too soon from us); John Hicks (happily alive and well, with some recordings on Mapleshade); and Art Hodes, a great blues and stride style player. I'll get working on some of your suggestions and post them as the reviews are done.