Requesting jazz quartet CD suggestions

I heard some great live club quartet Jazz that I loved recently on a business trip with a rental car equipped with XM radio. I didn't figure out how to push a specific button to identify the artist and CD name until I turned the car in (stupid me) or I could have written down dozens of potential CDs to peruse. This Jazz was not "cool jazz" or "smooth" jazz, but real live quartet Jazz with drums, bass, horns and piano. Can you guys direct me to some well recorded CDs that might fit this bill? Thanks.
"Go" and "Our Man in Paris" by Dexter Gordon would be my favorites.
Does this mean you're just becoming familiar with acoustic jazz? If so, there are any number of amazing recordings out there. Let me have a little more info about what you heard and what you liked and I'll give you some targeted suggestions.
Ok, my jazz likes have included some of the more popular newer stuff like smooth jazz recordings from Larry Carlton, Acoustic Alchemy, David Sanborn. Vocal jazz from Karrin Allison, Rene Marie, Tierney Sutton, Jane Monheit. I'm looking to get into some live jazz with good rhythms and an over all "feel goodness" about them. I don't want to get too specific, I planned on filtering through the recommendations made here to identify what I'm looking for. I especially am looking for well recorded stuff. I previously asked for acoustic guitar recommendations and I ended up buying everything from Nickle Creek to Dave Matthews to Jonathan Butler, three different styles but I enjoy them all. sound stream. I've lived all over the U.S. because of my profession and this is one of the best public stations for traditional jazz and lots of quartet/trio music. They play the gambit of old to new artists and always tell you what they've played. Welcome to non-disposible music.
THANKS that`s a Great Jazz Station.
For someone still recording, producing very assessible sax orientated recordings of jazz standards try Houston Persons. I'm fond of a recent recording by him doing a duet w/Ron Carter but he has 6 or 7 others with a standard grouping recorded on High Note CD's. I'm partial to "Blue Velvet". You might also like Ron Carter's recordings with his own group.
The Modern Jazz Quartet(piano,bass,drums,mallet percussion) was together as an ensemble for almost thirty years.(They broke up when one of them died.) They got so good that people thought they were playing prearranged stuff when they were actually improvising.

MJQ is salon style jazz at its finest. I would start with one of their compilation albums and then get specific albums from the time(s) that appeals to you.
Check out the "LA Four". You will surely like this one. Also try Joshua Redman, any CD but his "Live at the Village Vanguard" is very cool.

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You guys have given me quite a few leads. Perhaps most beneficial is the info on music stream (thanks Celtic66!). I just hook up to them, put on the headphones while surfing and take notes on the various artists. The jazz they play is exactly what I'm looking for. I have found several CDs that look interesting such as: Ray Brown Trio, Scott Hamilton Quartet, Holly Cole Trio and others. Many thanks once again, to all, for the direction you guys provide!
Jeez, this is easy. John Coltrane, Miles Davis (add a horn or two now and then), Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson, Chick Corea, James Carter, Josh Redman, etc., etc. These are just some classics and any trip through the jazz section of a good record store (Virgin for example) will tip you off to more.

Look for these labels:

JVC XRCD - Blue Note - Impluse - Y2K 20 bit (lots of different labels' reissues on this line; they are always in jewel box inside cardboard sleeve) - and others I can't quite think of right now.
Just an update for you guys who contributed here. I found many artists on through the suggestion of Celtic66. I'm still scoping out the others you guys recommended. I p/u the following:

Ray Brown Trio - Live at Starbucks
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out
Ruby Braff George Barnes Quartet - Live at the New School
Mark Whitfield - True Blue

Thanks to all!
Cannonball Addery quartet live in San Francisco - Hybrid SACD. It is a stunning disc.