Requesting Advice on Speaker Upgrade


I am in the market for a new speaker upgrade. I am hoping to receive recommendations on brands and models to look at. I have already demoed some Kef and Totem speakers, which I really enjoy. I really have my eye on the Totem Rainmakers. Not sure if they will be a good fit for my room or amp though.

I’d also like something that will be flexible with integrated amp upgrade possibilities down the road.

I’d say it’s a small to medium room size at approximately 15’ x 20’. There is a large picture window to the left of the listening position that has curtains covering it. To the right of the listening position is a half wall that goes into an open kitchen. Behind the seat is a floor to ceiling stone hearth and fireplace wall.

My budget tops at $600-$900, but $1100 will be the absolute max. Looking for bookshelf monitors and I’d like to be able to include stands within that budget.

I enjoy a balanced sound profile. I don’t necessarily crave super clarity or very bright sounding speakers, but enjoy a neutral sound. Sharp, clear bass is great, but I’m not super into hard, thumping bass. I’m still new to audio so pardon if these descriptors aren’t exactly clear.

My current setup is a Rotel RA-12, Project Debut Carbon w/ Ortogon 2M Blue cartridge, and a DTS Play-Fi streamer (for Tidal Hifi and Spotify streaming). Current speakers are stand mounted Polk RTi-A1s.

I have a toddler that wanders around this space. So grille covers are a must. I am also welcome to floorstanding recommendations, but thinking stand mounted ones will be ideal since it’s less he can mess with on the floor.

Sorry for the super wordy post... But one last note: We have a lot of mid-century modern furniture in our home. So looking for options with a clean, simple design and aesthetics.

Thanks, and cheers!

Haven't listen to a/d/s for a while, but sold them throughout the 80s and owned the floorstanding, mirror imaged L-1230 model, (dynamic full range speaker but room dominating). My favorite "bookshelf" was the L-710. I say "bookshelf" as they are 21 5/8" X 12 1/4" X 10 1/2" and weigh 35 pounds. They would fit in a mid-century inspired room very well, especially on their factory metal stands. Some preferred the larger L-810 or later L-780 or 880. All are beautifully built, unique aesthetically and well engineered, but time marches on- I suspect today's class leaders would sound more open and accurate, (also not sure how well the a/d/s doped dome midrange & tweeters age).

<ELAC dealer disclaimer>
The UB5s are an amazingly balanced, detailed, satisfying, full-range, 3-way, bookshelf speaker system...and they are only $499/pair!  Awesome.
Hey folks,

Demoed some Elac Uni-Fi 5s today. I little above my price range and floorstanding, but they were impressive! Hopefully some of that trickles down to their other speakers. Looking forward to hearing more from Elac.