Request Transport Help

I am currently using a older Rotel RCD-991 as transport into a PS Audio Digital Link III (with Cullen mod 3 upgrades) It sounds great but laser on Rotel is getting old (skips) so what is my best option here at lowest cost/quality ratio

1. I tried to hook up a Denon 2910 DVD player as transport and can't get anything out of the coax. worth fighting?

2. Put a new laser in the 991?

3. But a "cheap" new CD player and use digital out?

4. Buy a used transport only from my friends here at audiogon?

I'm wondering if #3, what cd unit uses the best cd-transport at lowest price?

Thanks for advice in Advance!!!!
The Denon probably has the digital out turn off in the menu system. You could look at the menu of the 2910 on your TV screen and find the part that tells you if it is on/off and change it to 'on'.
The rotel is NOT worth fixing no way, no how..
Buying a used Cd player is OK, or a transport. Either way. The Denon 3910 is going for under $300.. I picked up a used one (with a dealer warranty) for $250 at a local dealer.. even though I own a 5910.