Request Speaker Cable Recommendations

I have yet to figure out how to compare speaker cables, except to buy 10 pair to compare in my own system. Instead, please give me your recommendations based on the following:

I recently moved my system, so I need at least 15ft of cable (about 4.6m) to each speaker. I would prefer bi-wire cable, but not picky about type of connection. I tend to lean towards a more forward, present sound, detailed and quick, yet full, with preference for extension in both frequency extremes (I'm one of those guys that likes treble).

Tends to make me think that a combination of silver and copper would be ideal? Only problem is, and here is what I expect will separate the men from the boys, I would like to stay in the $300 range, for used cables, if possible.

My system is:

Speakers: NHT 2.9
Amp: Conrad Johnson MF 2250 (solid state)
Pre-amp: Audio Electronic Supply AE-3 (next on the upgrade path, but will probably stay with tubes)
CD player: An ancient Phillips (1990) that works great, thank you (but also next on the upgrade path even though I compared it in January 2003 in my system to a new Audio Refinement CD Complete and a new Adcom GCD-750, and preferred the Philips in both cases!)
Turntable: Rega Planar 2 (circa 1987 - also on the upgrade path)

I listen to equal parts jazz (both electronic and acoustic) and classical (chamber and orchestral), with some pop thrown in.

I sure do appreciate your help, since my current cables are 3m long and only allow the speakers to be about 3 feet apart. Any questions, let me know. Again, thanks for sharing your time and thoughts!!

I know not many people here have them but I use cables for my system. Not too expensive and rate alot higher than most cables costing 5x as much.

Maybe Kimber 4TC (double runs) would do the trick for you. They tend to sound to the brighter side of neutral, more forward and detailed. But I wouldn't descibe them as particularly "full" sounding. On that price point they might suit your system well...
A Kimber PBJ interconnect could be a nice match (i have a Philips CD Recorder and sounds pretty decent with PBJ).
DH Lab Q-10. For 15 feet retail is $365 a pair and a bit more for the internal biwire version WONDERFUL cables! I've used them with tubes and SS and they've worked well with at least three different systems I've used them in. If you only needed an 8 ft pair I'd sell you one I am not using since I sold my biwired speakers. I'm currently running Q-10's in my home system and love them. They do require a nominal burn-in when new. I found they really started to open up after about 150 hours.

Good luck!
Try ZuCable. Give Adam a call (look at and he will help you out. I have several different audio & video versions and like them all.