Request Integrated amp for Sonus Faber

I would buy Sonus Faber Electa Amator3. Could you please advise Integrated amp to match with Sonus Faber?
I'm considering Mcintosh and Accuphase, how about these?
How about that new Yamaha? Looks impressive! And a lot more affordable than McIntosh and Accuphase! And Yamaha has a matching CD player! 
I have the SF Amati Tradition Homage speakers powered by a Raven Tube amp.  They range in price from $2k - $11K.  The sound is awesome.  Check out the Raven Website or call Dave Thomson, one of the owners.
Thanks for your information. which model are you using?
How about Rogue Cronus Magum III or used Rogue Cronus Magum II?

They will have enough power.

After changing input tubes to NOS Telefuken and Amperex, they sounds very good.

Mark of Rogue is available for talk anytime.

He is a nice guy.
I used the Raven Integrated Reflection MK2.