Request for advice on best method to sell my 'vintage' equipment

Not certain if '90s qualifies as vintage. Anyway, have setup that drove a pair of B&W 801s. Looking for advice as to the best method to sell all the equipment barring the B&Ws.
-- 2 x Adcom GFA-565 monoblocks
-- Counterpoint SA3000 Pre-amp
-- Adcom GFA-2535 (drove center / satellite speakers)

Purchased in Boston, shipped to UK, then back to US (FL) in 2013 but for variety of reasons never unboxed/setup since returning. Planning to move within a year and doubtful next place will be anymore 'accommodating' of such a setup.  

Any/all advice much appreciated.  Thanks in advance
It may seem obvious, but have you considered selling it all on this website. It's what people do here.
Use to check prices and sell them here on audiogon.
Thank you both.  Literally joined yesterday so didn't browse extensively and as such yet to have spotted that stuff being sold here.