Request for a recommendation on a small footprint floor standing speaker

Hello everyone, I'm new and trying to put together my first decent stereo system. Thank you for your help. I know to start with the speaker. My room is about 12x14 and I'd prefer a small footprint floor stander in wood veneer. The options I've come across are below; my question is if there is anything else I should consider? I live where it's not easy to demo any speaker. My budget is in the ballpark of the speakers below. 

1. I really like the looks of the Evo 4.3 in walnut
2. Ohm Walsh micro or 1000 
3. Magnepan LRS (not wood but seems less weighty in the room because of its narrow width.) 

Are there other speakers that I should consider? Or any other advice you have for me? 
Many thanks! 

Infinity Prelude MTS.
Full range with a small footprint.
I liked the Silverline Prelude floorstander's (single port) that I listened to years ago.

They sounded like a good stand mount (in that the music did not seem to obviously come from the speakers) with tight/defined bass and a large soundstage.

Now they have the Prelude Plus floorstander,  which is said to be an improvement.

Unfortunately the Plus retails for $2K and I've only seen one used pair for sale (year, or so, ago).

Not certain if the later version would be OK in a 12X14, but assume that the dealer (Underwood?) would be able to advise on such.

Funny that 2 posts recommending them were deleted.

Enjoying my JMR Cantabile Jubilee’s.  
You should add to your list used ProAc floor standing speakers.

Totem Sttaf are great in that room size and for your music preferences. They have a tiny footprint with big bass.