Request experience with local audio dealer upgrade programs

Hi folks

I have been working with a local hi fi shop over the last 2 years on upgrading my system.

Over the last 2 years I've added digital streaming and upgraded my turn table and integrated amplifier.

During the process we have discussed my upgrade path.  Their service and advice seems to be sincere as I purchased a demo amp from another dealer in the area based on their recommendation.

Here's my question:  Have you purchased 'used gear' from your local dealer?  If so, would you do it again? Would you do anything different?

Yes! I have bought almost everything used or demo from a dealer. The biggest thing was my turntable. I paid less than half retail for the complete setup. Table / arm / cart. And he setup everything up for me.

A good dealer will stand behind the things they sell. So if there is a problem, they will usually take care of it. I have been happy with everything I have purchased used or demo. And by buying used or demo,  the piece is already broken in.

Generally the dealer will be upfront about any sale new or used. Surprisingly I find often I can get better prices from dealers on used gear they take on trade and don’t carry.
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