Request contact with owners of Micro Seiki MR-711

I would like to speak with other owners of the Micro Seiki MR-711 turntable. I am interested in experiences in changing the arm cable and/or wiring. Also would be happy to pay for a copy of the service manual. Perhaps we can be of mutual help in regards to this rare transcription turntable.
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Try the MS users group at;
I did; I got so much spam that I had to delete my membership. Thanks anyway.
Hi Marty,

I wish I could help but I'm not familiar with the MR-711 at all.

There's also the German MS site you could try, many of them do speak English.
Thanks again MS. There is a cool picture at A model 700 which is the same deck without the Micro MA-202L arm, sort of like a Technics SP-10, just sold on e-bay and there are some nice pictures there too. I will try to get in touch with the German collectors.

I own a Micro Seiki MR 711 and I have a have a Pdf file from the Manual.

If You want to receive it please mail me.

Greetings from Appingedam (Holland)
Hi Viridian,

If by spam you mean non Micro Seiki content, you can go into Yahoo Groups to re-configure your settings.

I'm subscribed to tha list, and traffic on that list has been very slow over the last 6 months.

Thom @ Galibier
Eppe2000 thanks so much; I will contact you off board. Thom, wow, great to hear from one of the leaders of the New Wave of designers in the sport. I will take another try at the Yahoo group. Until then, please keep the torch burning and shoot for the sky. Your tables are true works of art.