Reports of Mark Levinson 390S

Would like to hear some feedback from anyone who has heard or purchased this unit. Specifically, what is it selling for? Can a ML 39 be upgraded to 390S status, and at what cost? Is there a significant difference bewtween the two models? Am interested primarily in performance run with balanced outputs directly to a power amp.
The cost of the upgrade is $1500.00 without the new faceplate. $1800.00 with the new faceplate. 1500.00 upgrade can be done by Madrigal Dealer. 1800.00 upgrade gets shipped to Madrigal. I have not had the oppurtunity to compare the two units side by side.
Attn. Pman172
Your cost info for the 390S Upgrade is incorrect.
$1500 is for field upgrade (i.e. done by the dealer) without faceplate.
$1800 is for factory upgrade without faceplate.
$2300 for factory upgrade with new faceplate (note: dealer not authorized to do it).