Replacing Wilson WattPuppy 5's

Yes, 20 years is a generous life span for these pets, but driven by the Vac Renaissance 70/70, well, they always sounded like 'home' to me. I'm considering either the Sashas or the Sophia 3's, once they're brought in from Eliot's loading dock and broken in. Should I anticipate a quantum leap in presentation from 1991 or has the Wilson 'sound' been pretty consistent over time ? Thanks. I'm a new member here.
Welcome Dr. John. I've always been a fan of your music.

I think the Sashas sound much different, and preferable (to my ears) to WP8's. I have not heard WP5's and therefore cannot comment on how they compare.

In the numerous times I have heard the Sophias they have sounded very average to me. I have not heard the Sophia 3's.
The VAC amp will be placed in the coffin with me. I've driven the speakers hard and they sound it. I appreciate your word 'classics'. BTW, my front end is the Wadia 27 transport/DAC duo going straight into the amp. I use a CAT preamp as a phono stage only. (PS -I didn't like the Sophia 2 sound, but don't want to say why for fear of offending others on this site. New member here.
The Sasha's blew me away: a huge soundstage and amazing detail. Reminded me of the saying, 'Don't buy a yacht unless you have an ocean to sail it in.'