Replacing Von Shweikert's VR 2

Earlier I posted a question about the same subject. Many great suggestions were offered. A choice offered by Sheridanmartin was Magnepans 1.7's! My wife and i  listened and thought they were the right choice. Went back with our music and Return to Forever was a questionable reproduction on CD. Maynard Ferguson on vinyl was good. Joanie Mitchel's Court and Spark on vinyl ate up the Maggie's ... could not handle the recording! So I remembered Nola speakers. My local dealer has carried Nola since his days in California! We tested them with the same Joanie Mitchell  recording, perfect. Live sound stage. Followed by Pat Matheny As Falls Wichita Wichita so falls Wichita Falls. WOW!!! Fantastic sound. As my wife verbalized, "You found the wall of sound you've been searching for". Ordering a pair next week. Takes a month for speakers to be built, all custom made by hand, no automation! Shipped direct to my house with the benefit they know what they built for me and know everything about the speaker! I am geek up!

Tell me why I am wrong!!! Perfect match for my Macintosh MA 252.


Which Nola speakers did you order?

Definitely not wrong, based on the enthusiasm you impart in your message (and that of your wife). Congratulations.

Congrats on the purchase. I've owned VS VR4 Silvers, Gen III HSE, and the VR2. Of all of them the VR2 was the most underwhelming. I didn't keep them for long.

Ordering next week. Nola Contender 3. Shipped directly to my home by Nola.

You’ll love the Nolas. I have Contender S3. Love them so much i bought Nola Reference Metro Gold 3s. Great speakers

Definitely not wrong!  When I had the space 20 years ago, I had VS VR4s.  Loved them but never heard the VR2s.  That said, I now have a smaller room but great sound with Nola Boxers.  I just like the way the Nola’s sound.  You’re going to love the Contenders. I wish I had the space and coin to have them in my house.