Replacing Virtual Dynamic speaker cables

I have been using the Revelation speaker cables for a few years and I do like them. They were very expensive new, but good value second hand. I found them to have nice detail, a little tipped up in the base, but very clean and well, dynamic.

So why do I want to change them? Well, they are so heavy and stiff, I find them a nightmare to connect and dress. There is'nt much room behind my system. Very good for beating a burglar, mind you, not so good for day to day use.

I have no prejudices, any suggestions for a comparable quality cable, up to 2000 dollars used for 6 to 8ft, single wired, good detail, dynamic, but not edgy. Thanks
I purchased the Kaplan speaker cables about a year ago and for the price find them to be quite stunning. If memory serves they cost $1,600 for a 6 ft pair.
Thanks for all the helpful advice guys. I did what I should have done in the first place and asked lou hinckley the guy who designs my speakers and he suggested a Wiwires cable, developed for the Daedalus speakers and those are on order at the moment
David, have you sold your VD speaker cables yet? I just bought a pair of genesis 5.3s along with matching center channel and I am looking for 3 individual runs of this exact cable. Did you find something else that you liked better yet? Please email me