replacing vintage amp speaker out puts

I have a 1960, vintage Bell tube integrated amp with very small screw speaker terminal strips.I use small wires at the screws and then wrap the other end to my speaker spade lugs which are too large for the screw terminals.Any suggestions? I have 4,8 and 16 ohm conectors and a common ground.I was going to try wiring from inside the amp to a pair of modern binding posts, but there is not much room and I would like to avoid a dangling wire effect.
Thank you, in advance
If you lived near me I would accept the challenge to help you install some after market binding posts. It may not sound much better but sure would look cool and reduce the hassle factor of hooking up what you already own.

I love both the Cardas and Vampire brands. You might measure and see if you have clearance on the "short" versions of each.

Definitely avoid the speaker versions, they have extra long reaching internal parts to accommodate the thickness of typical speaker boxes.
bare wire is best connector.
buzzybee audio sells adaptors for this very purpose, which have very small spades on one end that fit the vintage screws and banana plug (with screw end so spades can also be used) on the other end. it is solid constrtuction about 1 1/2" long
On my Dynaco MkIV amps I eliminated the 16 ohm lugs( cut and capped wire inside amp) Then mounted 3 five-way binding posts in a piece of vinyl siding material large enough to cover the rectangular hole in the amp where the original "screw strip" was. Viola! Kimber spades work great.
For my Eico HF-89 I used the Cardas posts. They fit in the rectangular opening with a small space on one side. I made a small adapter plate to fill that space and used it to mount a switch so I can choose either the 4 or 8 ohm tap. It looks neat and I didn't have to cut or modify the chassis.