Replacing Tweeter in JMLab Cobalt 806

Not being a speaker building type, I was wondering how to tell if I could replace the standard titanium tweeter in the 806 with Focal's tioxid tweeter. I know that the size is the same, but don't know what to look for in the driver specs. I love the sound of the 806, but I'm always looking for something more, and feel like this tweeter upgrade will get me a little closer to that "Utopia" sound. I'd like to be able to do this without modifying the crossover if possible.

This is going to be a terribly difficult adventure.
First you'd want to get Focal's freq response curves ON YOUR BAFFLE, which is probably impossible, so you'll have to measure it yourself. Oy.
Then try to find a tweeter that is slightly different in the ways you would prefer. Then mount it sturdily somehow, and redo the crossover and resistor-padding as necessary to get a fine frequency response and reasonable impedence plot to work correctly and sound great on and off-axis. Phew!
Wouldn't it be easier to upgrade to the entry level Electra 906 or the new Cobalt 806S?