Replacing Turntable RCA cables

My B&O 4002 Turntable has some real cheap phono output jacks and cables any suggestion on what would be a good replacement jacks and cable would be greatly appreciated.
Do I buy a premade patch cable and cut off one end to reconnect inside the turntable?
I have done it both ways with the 4002. You can use new cables and solder them directly to the internal circuit board, or you can get cables made (DIN to RCA) to connect to the existing DIN connector. If you are planning to use premade patch cables, then I suggest you get them with the DIN connector on the other end. Only if you plan to use quality cables would I suggest going directly to the circuit board.
Hi Mark, You can order a awesome phono or power cable from Morrow Audio...its easy to go to there website and select the cable you need and it gives you options to have bare wire terminations on the equipment side and standard or upgraded copper or silver eichman rca's on the other end! Also, you can change the crappy connectors with some nice gold ones from this site is great for DIY'ers like you and me :-)
I suggest taking a look inside your TT first.. IF you can open it up? See how the cable is attached. It may be RCA into plugs inside. Or it may be wires soldered to a lug.
You may discover you cannot open the body of your TT?
Another thing you need to consider is if you need shielded or unshielded cables. Shielding may give less hum and noise if your turntable should require it, but shielding closes down the sound.
Thanks for the response great web sites! My 4002 has standard RCA jacks and I think it has a insulated terminal stripe that is fairly easy to get to, has anybody on this forum tried the Morrow cables?
For RCA plugs, Onix 70024 from Parts ConneXion. They have a solid copper pin. For coaxial cable, 28 or 30 gauge silver over copper with teflon insulation from
I use the Morrow PH 4 on my modded Sony X7 RCA's to great effect.
I have used Morrow PH2, PH4 and PH6 on my VPI Scout over the years. I highly recommend Morrow cables at any level. If you get lower cost Morrow cables now you can upgrade through Morrow's upgrade program down the road. Mike will give you a good deal if you call him directly.
the B&O turntables were a proprietary slim design. I don't think you would be able to safely tinker with the arm unless you were a B&O shop. While they were mechanically excellent, they could only use B&O cartridges which is very limiting. Changing the RCA cables will be a minor difference, best only to be pursued if the originals are damaged
+1 Bobsdevices. You will want a DIN to RCA cable to plug into the DIN connecter inside the table.
I opened my table up and their is a pin plug on a circuit board that the cable terminates in ,I am wondering if I remove it from the Table would Morrow rewire the new cable to that plug? In order to reinstall the new cable they would have to leave the pins out of the connector so I could reinstall the cable. Hopefully they would supply me with a detailed wiring diagram for the pin placement in the connector. By the way this table has a MMC 20CL cartridge which is the top of the line B&O for this table ruby cantilever with a Nude contact line diamond. Their is no din plug on this table direct wired with RCA plugs.
Mark I think If you could send them the Plug they could make the cable for you Mike Morrow.