Replacing turntable captive RCA cords

I have a Project 1xpression with low quality captive RCA cords. Has anyone taken a table like this and installed a RCA output block? It doesn't look to have any kind of connector from the tonearm wires. I am getting by with this table while I save up for a better one. I am using the Grado phono preamp and Reference Sonata cartridge with an AQ Jaguar cable on the output of the phono pre. Seems kind of like a waste with that garbage cable coming out of the table. It seems not to be shielded very well either.
The P-3 was audibly better afterward, but I had several things done at once besides the re-wiring of tone arm and box, including replacing feet with two sets of mod squad soft shoes (those things were great) and changing of stock felt mat with Audioquest sorbothane mat. All of these changes together made a very noticable improvement over stock Rega P-3. The re-wiring with cardas was done by my dealer (Savant Audio, Princeton NJ area) shipping the arm back to England, and my dealer did the install and connecting/soldering of the Cardas box. The box has RCA jack outputs, I am not familiar with the Din version, perhaps the RCA jack version is no longer available(?)
How did your P3 sound after you replaced the wire? Was it worth it? I have seen two Cardas rca boxes but they are wired with DIN or right angled DIN only. Did you cut off the Din cable and solder the bare wires? Anybody know where I can get the proper Cardas box? Thanks for the input.
Cardas makes or used to make a "conversion box" that mounted under the table plinth, the tonearm leads are soldered to the rca female plugs inside, it has a ground, and this enables you to use any high end interconnect you may choose to connect your TT to phono pre. I had my Rega P-3 moddified with this, along with cardas wire rewired in my tone arm, I then was able to experiment with different cables before settling on an Ensemble interconnect. I had the box removed and installed on my Rega P-9 now using Cardas Golden Cross interconnect to a Benz PP-1 phone pre. Just one way to do it.