Replacing TT with CD

I am considering replacing my WTT&A with a single box CD player. Listen to mainly classical and jazz through tubes (CJ). I would appreciate any comments from those who have made same conversion and if happy or unhappy with decision. And lastly which CD player would you recommend.
What is a WTT&A? It's probably obvious but I can't figure it out.
I did make the "conversion" as your refer to it, but did not do with a one box cd player. I know of no one box player at a rational price that would have done it for me. It took the combination of a Parasound CBT2000/Audio Alchemy DTI Pro/Micromega Duo BS2 with all Harmonic Tech Cables to "do it". This replaced an Oracle/Syrinx/Sumiko Blue Point. On some recordings, analog was still a little better, but on the overall majority of what I listened to, I preferred digital. There was a thread posted not too long ago about French cd players. Suggest you read it for some other ideas. Also think you might prefer the relatively softer sound of 1 bit players vs multi-bit or ladder dacs. Most cd players that I hear at people's homes or in stores sound dry, bright and/or sterile. One exception to this was a Cary that I heard last year, but I don't recall the model number. I have also tried three 24/96 dacs and have ended up either returning or selling them. They were exciting, but not musically involving. If your system is "voiced" for analog, you should proceed very carefully as you will quickly reveal the shortcomings of many digital front ends. Nevertheless, I have sold my tt and all my records and do not regret this at all.
Well-Tempered Turntable & arm, I'd guess. What is it about the turntable that makes you want to give it up, or is it the desire to get new recordings of current artists? Reason I ask is that usually I'm recommending the Well-Tempered to folks tired of CD and wanting to get into analog!
try the burmester cdp-001 or the accuphase dp-75v. if your wtt&a is like others i've heard, you're likely suffering the pains and arrows of outrageously dark, slow and uninvolving sound. just my 200 euro. -cfb
Audio Aero Capitol.
At 200 euro, that's an expensive piece of advice, Cornfed! As to the question,I'm not sure why you want to give up analogue -- when you can purchase a cdp anyway and keep the tt. Particularly for classical. I have both and still prefer analogue although cd is a necessity for software. Joe b's experience offers good guidelines (after all, he's doen it!). Re, european players, Audio Aero Capitole, the Electro, the P Lurne, are good alrounders. IMO, cfb's Burmester & Accuphase offer a different sound to the others (more attention to reproducing detail)-- it's really up to your preference.
If you must replace your turntable with digital (can't imagine why you'd want to), I'd suggest you consider a Sony XA777ES SACD player which does a beautiful job with CDs and gives you SACD capability as a bonus. It's almost as good-sounding as my VPI analogue setup (TNT-l/JMW l0.5/Grado Reference).
I'm also recommending that you keep the table, especially if you have alot of records. Particularily with jazz and classical, many wonderful recordings are simply not available on CD. If you do sell your table, I am confident that you'll regret it in the not-too-distant future.

But, seeing that you are posing this question on the analog forum, is it safe to assume that you want the analog sound? If so, you won't get anywhere near it in a single box CDP. For a modest sum (maybe $700 total), I'd recommend that you investigate the fully modded ART Di/O DAC ($350 new) and the CAL Icon Mk II (around $350 used).

I'm with Gregm- do both!!

Kelly, which WTT are you refering to? I've been using a WT Reference with Reference arm for close to 10 years. Have owned Linn, VPI and earlier versions of the WT Classic and have found the Reference to be vastly superior to them all. While there are no doubt better tables and arms out there (for a price)I would never characterize the Reference as "outrageously dark, slow and uninvolving sound." It is easily the best I've owned, and to my ears very musical, but I would be interested in what you would suggest that is reasonably priced, keeping in mind that the Reference is worth about $3000 used. By the way, the CDP-001 and DP-75V are way out of my league (at least until they're several years old and quite depreciated).
cfb, i'm a little confused too, as if anything my WTT (original) was rather lightweight, and it certainly beat any CDP of the time (early 90s) in terms of involvement. The lightweight sound was why I sold it and got my Basis. Maybe a function of the cartridge (I had a Monster AG1000)?

For Saihcc, I think Jimbo's advice is pretty good--unless you're willing to spend a lot of money. Another resonably priced (used), good sounding CDP you could consider is the Audiomecca Keopps, or the YBA. Given what you can get for the WTT (assuming you have an original or the WTT Record Player), you might want to keep it even if you get a CDP. One last possibility is to get a new TT/arm, although if you have a WTT Reference I'd think you'd have a hard time beating it.
Consider the Muse Thalia 9 for a good taste of what a one box player is capable of. I think you may be shocked with the performance of this player. I sold my Basis and picked up the Muse and have no qualms about it.
True, the analog machines (TT) do sound better when done right but some digital can sound very good, much better than some may think.
The Muse is quite musical; here's just a brief evaluation without getting into alot of the audiophile mumbo jumbo: (this is a short list of what I have noted in general) non-fatigueing highs which have an airy extention without harshness or glare, rich timbres with a very deep and wide soundstage. Sure, many contenders claim the same but listen for yourself and I think you will agree in regards the musical integrity of the Muse.
You might want to think about including this player on your short list of one box contenders, it really is a killer all the way around.

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If I could trade my Oracle Delphi IV/SME/Grado/Lehmann for an Oracle CDP and not feel like I've lost out, I'd do it.
ok, ok, i've not listened to a well tempered tt & arm for years. but i most definitely DO remember every playing of it with mm and mc cartridges as dark and slow (i.e, lacking PRaT). FWIW, my reference at the time was the first generation vpi tnt/sme V/lyra clavis played through a jrdg consummate phono stage. -cfb