Replacing the stock power cable of the TT

I have a heavily modified Rega planar 3.
Interconnect + weight + VTA adjuster + isolation domes were all replaced.
Recently I was amazed by how replacing the stock power cables of my stereo components with Kimber PK14 power cable boosted the sound quality. Every sound aspect was improved. To my humble opinion...the best value I ever gained for 200$.
So my question is ...
Will I get the same effect if I replace the 10 cents stock power cable of my TT with a Kimber one.
Don't worry about the complexity of the operation. After I successfully replaced the Interconnect of the Rega, replacing the power cable seems peanuts.
Actually my question is relevant for any TT:
Why do people keep the stock crap power cables of their turntable ? Are people deterred by the need to open the motor ?
Well, I don't think a different power cord on a TT will improve tracking. Beyond that, I think there's better ways to improve a planar 3 involving power supply such as an external speed controller, which would allow you to set the Planar 3 to the right speed as stock, it runs a tad fast. I think, by design.
I agree with what you said about speed controller but it is a value for money issue. The 200$ I spent on the Kimber power cable for my CD transport unit were the best 200$ I ever invested in my stereo system. High quality power cables provide isolation from Noise that comes form the air (antenna effect) or from the grid. I don't see why this would not help TTs as well...
The planar 3 has 2 significant issues- it runs fast and the way the motor is mounted the motor does not maintain a constant distance between itself and the inner platter which leads to speed fluctuations. These are the areas where the planar 3 needs help. Doing the Rega motor upgrade probable will address both issues. I also note that as the plug on the Planar 3 is not polarized its worth experimenting with plug orientation.
I have the motor upgrade installed.
The job of your turntable motor is to do one thing only, spin accurately at a given speed. I don't see how a power cord upgrade that provides noise isolation is going to improve speed accuracy. Comparing a cd player or other component that creates or amplifies audio signals to turntable motor is an apples to oranges comparison. You assume that because reducing the noise coming into and leaving your cd player improved the signal output quality, a similar noise reduction to the ac powering an ac synchronous motor would improve speed stability. If you look at the description for Heed Audio's Orbit 2 power supply for the Rega, the issues they address in stabilizing the ac power would be minimally affected by a power cord upgrade. You're not going to hurt your cause by changing the power cord, but I still think the money would be better applied to an actual power supply upgrade.
Photon46 is right. You can put a different PC on your Rega but it won't do anything.
You convinced me. Since in TT the signal path has nothing to do with the AC grid, a power cord should not improve anything.
Speaking of external controller...what would be a recommended kit ?
I got an unexpected improvement with my VPI Classic when I added a PS Audio Premiere Power Plant. It was a used unit, about a grand, and it takes the AC, turns it into DC, then back to AC with much lower distortion and greater consistency. I expect it is similar to what VPI's controller does, at a price that lets other components benefit as well. I bet it would work on your Rega. After using it, I wouldn't be without it, and I already had dedicated lines.
A number of P3 owners weighed in on this subject here:
I have an "audiophile grade" power cord on my turntable....but only because I had an extra one. Listening to the original and the upgraded cord sounds the same to these ears.
I agree that power cord upgrades should make little difference. I had a spare cord and put onto the very competent power supply to my TW acoustic Raven one turntable. It did indeed give a clear, audible improvement in sound quality to my ears, better base definition in particular. This finding was despite my expecting nothing whatsoever. I think you can fool yourself you hear a benefit, when you want to sometimes, at least I can
If you want a power supply for you Rega's 110v motor have look at the Mose/Hercules.I use one in my Thorens TD150 and made a big impovment in SQ.Here a linkL