Replacing the stock jumpers on my B&W's

I need some help. I'm trying to replace the stock jumper plates on my CDM9's. I have some left over OFHC speaker wire that should work well. I'm currently using banana plugs into one set of terminals now from the amp. Bare wire won't work. The screw down terminal nuts aren't wide enough to hold the wire. I want to use spades. Problem is I can't find any spades that fit the binding posts. I believe the binding posts are approximately 7/16" or 11mm wide, fatter than the 3/8" spades that I've found so far (kimber and others). Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to biwire the speakers.
Can you bend the spades out a little? The Cardas 3/8 spades will flex just enough to go around the B&W binding posts.

I have seen wider spades, but they are usually the cheap gold plated Radio Shack variety.
I used to own a pair of CDM-9NT's and had a set of custom jumpers made at my local audio/video store. StraightWire offers spades large enough to get around the binding posts on the speakers, and you can have them made in spades and bananas. This was what I did, so I could have spades coming from the amp. I paid $100 for the pair. I believe you can have them made in whatever StraightWire cable you want. I'm not sure what your local store would charge, but I can't imagine it being much different. It was a big improvement over the stock jumpers.
Hmmm. I have no trouble whatsoever with Analysis Plus T1 spades on my CDM-9NTs. These spades are supposedly 5/16s wide. I also have speaker cable with large Analysis plus spades and they work easily on a CDM-CNT.

One a seperate note, will the bare wire not feed throught the hole in the shaft? It should be plenty large for even considerably gauged cable.
I may be totally wrong but....

The gap in the stock jumpers measure 5/16". So I was probably incorrect earlier (I posted this from work). I recall trying spades that were 3/8", and they didn't fit. Hmm... Now I'm confused. I can't use the wire holes in the posts because the banana plugs get in the way. I tried the Kimber spades (10 bucks a pop, so 8 x $10 is way too much) and they didn't fit w/o really forcing them on.

Back to the drawing board. Jeez.
Mapleshade makes some flat jumpers that are available in custom lengths and are reasonable in price , look at their web site.
I decided to go with Stanwal's suggestion for the mapleshade jumbers. 23 bucks delivered for pure copper ribbons. Too cheap to pass up.