Replacing The Factory Jumpers On Magnepans - Does It Improve The Sound?

I have 1.7i Maggies and would like to try some tweaks if it really improves the sound.  I've read some conflicting opinions on replacing the factory steel jumpers with high end jumpers from some of the well known cable companies, like Cardas, Kimber, etc.  Some people hear an improvement, while others say they can't hear a difference.  If you've upgraded yours, please share your opinion.  
You're much better off putting those $ toward a pair of Mye Stands.
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I'm quite happy with the sound of the Maggies and don't find them bright, so I'm good with not using resistors.  I'd like to squeeze every bit of sound they're capable of reproducing, though.  That's why I'd like opinions of anyone who has upgrade the jumpers. 

You can try solid copper available at hardware stores or a piece of speaker cable and see what you think. To be honest I didn't notice a difference but like Elizabeth pointed out resistors will give you different sound.
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I totally agree that the Mye stands offer a lot of improvement to a pair of Maggies regardless of the model. While you are waiting for delivery because they are always back ordered with probably at least a six week wait you can experment with what is below:
Elizabeth makes several good suggestions.
If you have not done so read this short Audiogon Forum:
There is a lot of discussion on this subject on the Planar Speaker Asylum Forum and MUG (Magnepan Owners Group).