Replacing Stock Power Cord on Subwoofer???

Has anyone replaced the stock power cord on the Sunfire (or any subwoofer) Signature Sub here? What were your results? I'm most concerned about the seal of the subwoofer being broken and having problems with the seal in the future. Did you replace the cord yourself, was it an easy job? Thanks,
I am considering the same thing. What I am thinking of doing is leaving a short "pigtail" of perhaps 3-4" of the stock cord and putting an IEC connector on it. This might be the least invasive way of going about it. I just haven't found the right IEC yet. I think you could use a standard pannel mount male IEC and some heavy duty shrink wrap on the back side of the connector, but I am still looking for the best solution before I cut the stock cord off.
I have a Sunfire Super Junior sub and did just that. The Sunfire subs have the IEC receptacle on them to allow for after market power cords. I recently replaced the stock cord with a VD Power Three.
Slipknot1, would you elaborate upon any improvements you heard?
A better cord on my REL subs was an improvement over the stock cord. The REL's have an IEC.
Thanks for the responses. Maxgain, I think the "pigtail" idea is ok, but I would question is it really worth it? My understanding is your only as good as your weakest link & that weak link (stock cord) would still be there. Has anybody done the "pigtail" with great success? Slipknot1, I'd like to hear your opinion of the after market power cord & what type of cord you used.

I only use the sub for LFE during films. I have it switched out of the system when listening to music. But - I can report that I have noticed a tighter, less flabby sound. Low frequency information such as the stuff at the beginning of The Fifth Element seems to come from a blacker, deeper background. It appears (to my ears) that I have a more seamless integration with my Magnepan MGIIIA loudspeakers since upgrading the PC. A caveat: Sunfire subs are tricky to get set up and working well with regards to placement, etc.
I replaced the stock cord with a Virtual Dynamics Power Three.
It should be a 'law' that IEC sockets be placed on all a/v gear. I pigtailed a Pure Note Sigma power cord on to my sub.
[email protected], was there a significant improvement when you pictailed the Pure Note Sigma?
eric53, what did you use for the male IEC? Did you use a panel mount style like I described? If you found something better I would love to know what and where you got it.
I've assembled PC Kits without IECs for folks swho were daring enough to hardwire their CDPs. I'm going to search for a no-solder, excellent IEC to allow such piggy-backing.
Nonetheless, hardwiring is clearly better. I'll supply cheap 83802-based Kits either way. RSVP. Thanks. Ern
I used an old Switchcraft silver panel IEC and covered with shrink tube. Cheap and easy.