replacing springs on a SOTA

Has anyone replaced the springs on a SOTA table?
I have a star table and one of the springs came loose when I was adjusting it. It appears to be complex in that the whole thing has to be dissassembled. If anyone can offer help, I need it
SOTA wants %333.00 to replace the spring
thx, jim
You may be wondering why I am responding to this thread since I have no advice on how to replace the spring. My experience with sota is that spring reliability is a major problem for sota. My sota had the the springs elongated that caused the platter to bang against the motor. The problem was never really solved until I had the whole thing refurbished and and added vaccum holdown. The improvement was dramtic and I never had any more problems up to the time I sold it.

My point is it may be a better idea to have it re-sprung, or completely refurbished.

My guess is that sota already suggested this to you. I thought it might carry more weight from a fellow audiogoner. I know it is expensive. If it's in your budget it's worth it.
I have had 3 SOTA's with no problem with the springs. Had the springs replaced once on my first unit at unit age of 20+ years and agree with Gregadd that it was worth it. If you purchase the kit from SOTA it comes with installation instructions. Sending the unit back and forth to them can be a costly hassle plus I know that they are super busy just right now so you may wait a time to get the unit back.

IF, however, your springs are still good and you only need to reinstall one of them I have a hard time believing that Kirk or Donna at SOTA would not fax you install instructions since they are always so client friendly. I do not believe that installing the springs is a difficult task if one has the instructions.

Did you ask them?
Don't know how old your Star is. I have a very early Sapphire (paper S/N label on the bottom plate, not the mylar label on the rear). Sounds like the nut holding the spring came off and the spring retracted into the chassis, if so just pry the large steel/rubber washer loose, locate the screw shaft inside the chassis, thread the nut onto the screw with long-nose pliers, pull on the nut until one or two turns of the spring emerge from the bottom plate, then hold the spring in place by jamming a sheet of thin stiff material like a tin can lid between the spring turns and let the nut go so that the sheet rests on the bottom plate and the spring turn rests on the sheet, remove the nut, place the washer on the screw, thread the nut back on, pull on the nut with the pliers and remove the sheet. If a spring is damaged or has come loose from the top deck you will have to do quite a bit of disassembly to get the springs out, but it can be done though the spring near the tonearm pillar is a real PITA to change out.