Replacing speaker grill cloth questions????

I'm replacing the grill cloth on my Infinity RS1b's and want to do it correctly. I've bought the black material and a spray can of adhesive from Orange County Speaker. Do I stretch the cloth very much? Should I stretch it from top and bottom first and then from side to side? Should I staple and glue one side first and then stretch to the other side? Or work my way back and forth from side to side? And as far as the spray adhesive goes, do I spray the whole back side completly first? Or do I stretch it and staple it first and then spray the glue on the cloth and let soak through? I'm a perfectionist and want this to look like a factory job and haven't done this yet. I'm sure it's very easy, but I want to do it right.
Thanks, Bill
First, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around.....

I don't know. Just do it so it looks neat in the end.

Use loosely woven material for sonic transparency that can stretch easily as needed.
Don't spray the fabric it will make it non transparent. Spray the frame only.
Spread out some newspapers. Cut cloth 2" bigger than the grilles. Lay cloth down on the papers. Lay grille on cloth. Cut paper to fit inside the grille and cover the cloth so you don't get adhesive on that part of the cloth. Spray adhesive (I use 3M Super 77) on the back of the grille and on the cloth near the grille. Let it set up for several minutes. Start in the middle of the grilles, not the corners.....pull the cloth around the grille edge and stick it. Work your way toward the corners. Moderate stretching. Corners are tough part.....Need to pull the cloth out and then over the grille end up with several small folds of cloth at the them down as tight as possible. Clean hands with lacquer thinner. Trim excess cloth with razor blade and maybe a straight edge.
I've done this a few times . . . 240zracer's method is the best.