Replacing Sovtek 6922 for NOS

I have the Logos, the newest hybrid amplifier from Pathos Acoustics. The original tubes are Sovtek 6922. Any good? I suppose I could get a much better overall sound if I upgrade to NOS tubes within the ECC88/6DJ8 family. Amperex (BBoy) and Mullard seem to be very good. But I really would like to know which are your preferences. Thanks. tgm
In my Blue Circle preamp, I tried a few different tubes.

The Sovteks seemed kind of rich, but lacked resolution and sounded a bit fuzzy.

The Philips JAN tubes had good clarity, but lacked warmth.

I wanted a bit more warmth and richness, so I was told to stay away from Siemens, as their forte is clarity as opposed to warmth.

I tried Valvo 7308, and they seem to offer the best of both worlds since I plugged them in. Great clarity, but more of the richness I was looking for.
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