Replacing Sophia Baby with Rogue Cronus worth it?

I'm new to tubes. Always swore I wouldn't go there. But I've had my Sophia for a month and I'm already looking at upgrading (?) to a Rogue Cronus. I use the current amp with only one source, a Pioneer universal disc player and with my 80's ADS L780/2's (89 db). I'm blown away by the imaging, especially the depth and the truth of timbre. Is it just "the wanties" or would the Rogue justify paying another $1,500? I'll read and consider carefully any responses. Many thanks,
I have not heard either amp, but there are some used atma-sphere amps here for sale probably in your price range. I would look into one of them (the MA1's here are spelled incorrectly)

The atma's dont have a typical tube sound at all- not warm -bloomy, euphonic - just accurate are extremely real sounding. I'm currently running some older MA1's that were unused for quite some time due to blown tubes. I got them up and running to hear them with my new speakers, and possibly to sell since I have such amazing solid state gear now (the best SS I have ever heard -a highly modded GCC-100)

Well the Atma;s were even more incredible than the SS. so now I'm keeping both - the ATma's for mid/high and the SS to drive the subs (with remote volume of bass - I'm now addicted to being to vary the amt. of bass after so many years with no tone controls.
For a review of the Cronus check out, issue #21. This ought to give you some food for thought.
Welcome to the 'Tube Side'!!!
Once you have experienced it you won't go back !
You belong to us now , Joe !
HA HA HA HA !'re toast.
the rogue is a classic.....but the wantees will go away if you distract yourself with other vices.