replacing solid state amps with tubes

always in search of nirvana,I am considering replacing couple of my solid state amps with tube amps.My system can be seen on audiogon,but I will provide a very concise decription .I am focusing on the two main speakers out of the the five surround speakers.The german physics Loreley apeakers are bi amped through an electronic x-over at 180 Hz,currently 4 YBA passion 1000 mono amps are driving the speakers.I am looking at replacing the two amps driving the upper frequency ie the DDD section of the speakers keeping the YBA for the bass section.any thought and recommendation of tube amps,they have to be monos of relatively high power the room is large.I listen to primarily classical music.would appreciate your inputs.thank you
You might want to look at the monos from TAD. I have the TAD 60 2 ch and find it hard to beat for the money.
VTL Siegfried may fit the bill.
Not that I have actually heard them, but I believe your DDD's are a 3 Ohm load, not the typical choice for tube applications. Again, not that I have actually heard them, but the Walcott's are reputed to be the tube amps of choice for such low impedances. BTW, I find the thinking behind the German Physiks most appealling. I'd just love to hear them. Good luck.
Having searched and owned more than 10 high-end power amps, always searching for the best...I purchased the Joule-Electra Rites of Passage OTL monoblocks 6+ yrs ago and have been musically pleased each and every session. My days of searching for the best are over...
Thank you all for your comments.I aspecially appreciate unsound drawing attention to the low impedence of the ddd speakers.
I'd probably look for the big VTL amps, at least 450, preferable the 750. Those speakers look like they need a ton of current/power. are sitting in the middle of nirvanaville already. going to tubes will at best make no difference, and at worst, send you in circles.
What about the big Manleys
big manley's would work too, tho not sure they'd be better than the VTLs...