Replacing SimAudio W-3 with Ayre V-3

I am currently using the W3 with CJ 17LS and Arcam CD23. The sound is slightly lean at time and the bass lacking just a touch of warm. I am thinking getting a used Ayre V3. Do you think it's a good move?
What speakers are you using? That matters a lot and it's pretty hard to render an opinion without that info. It's best to consider the amp/speaker combo as a single component they're so inter-related. Off the cuff without knowing your speakers how about a tube amp? A c-j would give you great synergy, if you like that sound. But more info please.
Your problem's aren't the sim's fault.

What are your speakers, preamp, and sources? More importantly, how are the speakers setup in your room, and what is going on for acoustics?

Have you treated the front wall, back wall, side walls, and ceilings for reflections?
I make my own speakers. I tune them to be slightly "lean" but only very slightly but I don't think it's the speakers. I've tried the CJ MF2500 but it has too much bass for my setup. I am thinking of going with something slightly warmer with a bit more power. I am taking a look at either a Gamut or Plinius.
A significant improvement to my system that gave more body and weight to the sound was a dedicated power conditioner for the digital only (transport & dac). The one I'm using is a balanced type. Even though the owner's manual said that changing the power cord wouldn't make a difference, a better cable proved them wrong. Finally, a speaker cable that worked poorly with an old set of speakers, works fantastically with my new ones. Not lean any more. But, it took about 6 months of experimenting to find a synergy that worked for my ear. (Also, I suggest putting the amp on isolation footers of some kind.)