Replacing Sennheiser Ear Cushions

On my Sennheiser HD580 headphones, the thin film of foam which covers the driver has worn away on both earcups. Is there any way to obtain replacements without having to purchase the ear cushions as well, or do they always come packaged together?

Also, I cannot seem to figure out how the earcups would disassemble to make replacement of the foam films and/or ear cushions possible. Is this hard to do?

Thank you for any suggestions.
Phone audio stores, and they should be able to help you with the parts.
Go to and ask your question. YOu will be inundated with answers and DIY options.
Thank you for the advice.
This is a year later but maybe you still need an answer. I just encountered the same problem with my HD540's. Replacement is simple: just pull the ear cushion and it will pop off the headphone. It's pressure fit holds the thin foam in place, so when you pop-off the cushion, the thin foam comes lose. You can either cut a new piece of foam or use a piece of non-sound-absorptive material like thin nylon or Cool Max (the stuff running apparel is made of). I cut some pieces from an old running shirt and it works fine...looks a heck of a lot better than the foam, too.

Good Luck!
Jim in Dallas TX