Replacing Parasound p7, but with what?

The rest of the system is a Nad c565BEE player and a Halo A21.  Speakers are Sierra 2 or Tannoy Saturn DC6, depending on my mood.  With Wireworld Oasis 7 speaker cables and MA3 Morrows with Eichmann bullets.  Also one pair of  Silver stager Solids.  I've got a iPhone doc that passes digital into the Nad, which does a pretty good job with the processing.

It'a half open basement concept, about 500 square feet, but the main listening area is about 17 by18 with 9 foot ceilings, carpeted.  The sound is on the warm side, I fine that the top frequencies are reduced and I've heard that that's Parasound's sonic signature.  I've also read that their amps are better than their preamps.  Also, I suspect that the imaging isn't as good as it could be for that kind of money with the pre.  

So, any thoughts or suggestions?  I've considered the Wyred STP-SE, Nad C165BEE and selling the amp too for Nad's new c388 integrated.  Emotiva won't do it for me, but I'd like a little more top end.
Funny that audioman2015 brings up passive...
Just took delivery of a Schiit Freya preamp. One of the 6sn7 tubes shipped with it was very microphonic. They are sending a replacement set. In the meantime listening to it in passive mode. VERY impressed. Way better than I expected passive would be . Plenty of heft and slam along with another level of resolution over what I’d been hearing with my Consonance Ref. 50 tube preamp. Lyrics have never been more clearly intelligible. And this after less than 24 hrs. of use.

Something from Parasound (P3, P5, P7?) was considered - beautiful looking gear - but I didn’t want to spend for an unneeded internal DAC or phono-pre. I was looking for a balanced design since 2 of my sources and power amp are balanced. Freya is a balanced design and equipped with a stepped attenuator volume control (128 steps!). Price is a bargain too. 15 day return policy (5% restocking charge) so it might be worth checking out.
I recently upgraded from Marantz 7702 and their MM7025. At first I replaced the power amp to your same Parasound A21. For a couple months I ran the A21 with the Marantz 7702 pre/pro. It sounded good but I wanted to upgrade another step and bought a Parasound JC-2BP. The change in sound (for me) was very pronounced.

The combo sounds excellent! I read a great deal of reviews about the JC 2, and in their words it has a "vanishingly low noise floor". I am certainly no high end audio reviewer, but this sounded exactly as I would describe it. IMHO, if you are looking to upgrade, save up and get something that will make a big difference and sounds great to you.   
I am currently using the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE and I love it. I initially thought it was a little rolled off on top, but soon realized that it is just very smooth in the high frequencies. It is really nice to be finally rid of brittle, bright treble.

The other thing I like is the unique gain structure which apparently acts like a passive pre, but has 6 dB of gain available if needed. It is the first preamp I've owned where the volume can be set accurately with the remote control.

Be aware that it does not have line-out for recording, if that's a concern.

I also have a NAD C165BEE which I was not at all impressed with. 
Nice to hear from so many, this really is a great place to bounce ideas off the walls.  
Okay, I just finished A/B'ing different cd players to see if my spare had any more top end or air than the one in my main system.  There was no difference that I could tell.  

It's something that I can't figure out, and I'm one of those people who has a hard time letting things go sometimes!  In my car system using the same track I can hear more top end extension, and I guess I could chalk it up to the speaker's frequency response or just the gains I have set for the fronts at the amp.  

I think I need to just enjoy the music and listen to the music instead of the system.