Replacing Optical Drive on I-Mac G5

Has anyone replaced their optical drive on their I-Mac G5. I need to replace mine due to problem burning disc. (sound issues, fading, muffled sound, etc.) Has anyone tried a aftermarket Optical Drive or should I replace with the original apple Optical Drive. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks
Much Thx for the replies, I am leaning towards OWC product.
I haven't had a need to replace an optical drive, but I've been purchasing from Other World Computing since the mid 90s. They're a great company that knows Apple products. $99 for a replacement seems like a good price.
I had great experience with a company called Myservice. They send you a box for shipping if you don't have one, have quick turnaround times, reasonable prices and professional work. They work on all Macs for replacement parts and upgrades. Highly recommended.
I've never owned an iMac, but for the several other Mac computers I use OWC has been an excellent supplier of parts. At the bottom of the page is a link to installation instructions.