Replacing old Sota Sapphire: Concept or perform.?

Dear All,

I am being forced to replaced my Sota Sapphire, because it doesn't match the room (guess whose decision that was). I am going to purchase either the Concept of the Performance DC? If the Concept is inferior to the Sapphire, than I clearly will not go that route. Any insights would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.
do you just need nicer looking one? are you selling urs for cheap? offer?
I just need a nicer looking. I could sell everything, with arm, and in original box, for $1100. All the connections were recently re-sautered and serviced by a reputable dealer. Also, it has the outboard battery / power source.
I have and still have a couple of Sotas and a Clearaudio Performance. The Performance is a very nice table, rock steady speed and very quiet operation. Of course, it isnt suspended, so you have that issue to deal with. But outside of isolation issues, I think the Performance will equal or better your Sapphire, especially an older one. The ceramic magnetic bearing really seems to work. And the Satisfy carbon arm is quite good.