Replacing old CDP for Universal Player?

I have an old sony XA-1ES cdp that is getting old and would like to replace. I have $500 to spend on a NEW player. I listen to 90% redbook cd's, although I would like a one box solution if possible.(universal)
I've been considering:
NAD T585
Music Hall cd-25
Onkyo DX-7555

My system consists of:
Sony cdp
Bryston B-60 integrated
B&W 602s3 loudspeakers
EAD 7000mkII DAC

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
What about the suggestions that were given here ?:
Figured newer models might offer more for the money.
I am currently using an Oppo 983 and I love it. It will play every shiny disc format (except BluRay or HD-DVD), including HDCD, SACD, and DVD-Audio. It is well-built, looks nice, and sounds great. It's also well within your budget at $399:

I replaced a Denon 3910 with this unit. I really liked the Denon (bought used), but I wanted something with a warranty and to match my system's "look". The Oppo fit the bill perfectly....


Will the Oppo play CD+G, Karaoke DVD or VCD discs?
Does anyone know the answer to my question?
Check with Oppo, they're usually quiote helpful: