Replacing my stand mount speakers

My first post here. I have decided to replace my 9 years old Paradigm Signature S4 v2 (which I enjoy) with new big stand mount speakers (no room for stands, mounted on a furniture).
I like my speakers but I want an significant upgrade. 
Since it's impossible here to compare among different brands and models I'd like to be helped by your experience to direct me to a limited list.
My source is 220 w/c 8 ohms all in one AVM "reciever".
On my list:
scm 19?
pmc 25.22?
Budget 2500-3000 USD
Sorry for the limited language

I had those S4s for several years and liked them very much. They sound more like floorstanders than bookshelves. I like them a lot. To me they sounded slightly sweet but very fast, punchy and detailed. I preferred them to my KEF 201/2 which at one point retailed for 6k. 
I don't think you are going to get an upgrade for 3k. 

Thank's mofo
Has anyone replaced his Signature S4 with Adante as-61 or Volla or another big stand mount?
I understand that I have to extend my budget to 4K?
kubarony, did you have the S4's on stands? The reason I ask, a few years ago I bought a pair of Studio 10's, which I loved. I had them sitting on a pair of old speakers to raise them up. After several months, I bought the J29 stands, and was amazed at how much the sound improved.
All that being said, there are a pair of Persona B's for sale here on the site, new in sealed boxes, but pre-owned and discounted.
Good luck
These might also be a good find:
Harbeths deliver a deep and engaging soundscape, much like your S4's, but they'll cover more ground across the spectrum.
Your English is very good, why do you say it is not ?
I like Harbeth sound too but that's me. What kind of music do you listen to most ?
Now, some members here will call me names for this but..
If you have pretty good headphones and good sound card in your computer, listen to some speakers on youtube. If recording is not bad it might give you some ideas. For example, you can clearly hear the difference between, say, Harbeth, Paradigm and Focal. Harbeth and Spendor are not too far apart, more difficult. Just don't listen to Lansche/Ypsilon and Kharma/Lamm systems, if you do you might not want anything else. But I think Harbeths convey a lot of an essence of music despite their shortcomings. 
Hello all responders
First, English is not my mother language but I'm trying.
Second, no room for stands.
Persona B not available here, yet. ADANTE AS-61 are on the way (few weeks). I believe that I can find limited samples of ATC, ProAc, SPENDOR, KEF (R3?), REVEL, KUDOS, TOTEM and probably more. Not sure the right size and model.
That's the importance for me to get directions and recommendations.
And to mention again, I'm for upgrade.
Many thanks, Kuba

OK. In this stage I have decided to wait until the first shipment of the Adante's will land here and if I'll like them more then my Signature S4, I'll go for them. I'm not in position to compare many speakers not in my apartment and not among importers/ sellers.
I believe that it will be significant improvement.