Replacing my Sonic Frontier Power 3's


I'm considering replacing my Sonic Frontiers Power 3 amps and am looking for suggestions.  I've been very happy with them over the years but they needed some servicing which i did but one still has a problem and not sure i want to continue putting money into them so exploring replacing them.  I want to stick with tubes. 

The rest of my system consists of: Avalon Ascendant speakers, Conrad Johnson CT 5 pre-amp;  and,  Ear Audio Cd player.  thanks in advance for all suggestions (i've always found them very, very helpful on this board).  
VAC is always highly regarded and one I thought I'd always try if I went to a tubed amp.  Don't know what your budget is, but there's a Phi 200 for sale here now that might be worth looking into.  Best of luck. 
I would go with a Conrad Johnson tube amp as the synergy between them and your CJ preamp would be wonderful.
If you like the sound of your Sonic Frontiers amps, then a CJ amp may not be for you as they sound 180 degrees from one another in the sound department.  The SF Power series of amplifiers are anything but tube sounding, border lining on a solid state sound, whereas the CJ amps are very tube sounding with lush mid-range and a sweat hi-end extension.  I am not surprised to see that you paired the SF3 amps with a CJ pre-amp to get some system warmth.