Replacing my preamp???

I'm thinking of replacing my BAT VK-3i preamp. My system consists of C-J P11A amp, Meridian 508.20 cdp, and Silverline Sonata speakers. I listened to anything except rap and country. Price range is $1000-1500 used. Thanks.
What don't you like about the BAT, if you don't mind my asking? I always thought it a pretty nice piece, in about the same price range.
I think it is going to be extremely difficult to find anything that comes close to the VK-3i for the money you are looking to spend.

I am also quite interested as to what is missing for you with the BAT.
there's a melos sha-gold f/s here on a-gon for $700. send it to melos audio restorations in vegas for their upgrades (keep the photentiometer wolume control if it's still in good shape). it'll still be less than $1500, & it's a steal at the price, imho... even as-is, i tink these are great preamps...

good luck, doug s.

The Adcom 750 is a reasonably priced, well performing piece -- but, IMO, so are: the Melos (as in doug, above) and your BAT. I "third" the first two questions; not knowing what you don't like about the BAT, I may be wasting your time proposing the Adcom...
Good luck!
Thanks all for your input. BAT sounds too neutral to my taste. Maybe I'm weird, but I prefer warm, sweet, romantic tube sound better than the neutral sound. After searching through the forum, Conrad-Johnson seems to have the quality I want. I guess I'll audition PV 10 and compare.
Rogue 99 used.Its a giant killer.
Husaskin, I have a Melos ma 333 for sale which i think is exactly what you're looking for. It is tubed and sounds wonderful. I'm only selling because i need a remote to control my tv. I don't think you're going to find better for the price!!E-mail if you would like some more info.
why not bag the pre-amp altogether and listen to just the
c-j amp? if the meridian doesn't hve volume control you can make a good one for 100 bucks and spend the extra grand on software.