Replacing my Arcam cd 23 with what??

Looking to replace my Arcam with another redbook cd player. Something around $3k used. I enjoy the sound of the British unit but I'm sure It's sound can be improved upon. I was thinking a Resolution Audio GNS modded unit or the Ayre line up. I've enjoyed the sound of Naim players in the shop before. I only listen to regular cd's. I've tried Rega and Consonance 2.2 linear in my home but was not interested.

I've heard some high end Wadia digital but those players shred my ears with analytical fatigue. I guess it's because my cd's are of average quality at best.

I'm using Reference 3a de Capo I's, Virtual Dynamics cabling, Audio Zone Amp-1. I enjoy the detail and intimacy this setup provides, especially at low volume levels. My cd player would hopefully add to this.

Your constructive thoughts are appreciated.

I woundnt sell it,you might have to spend more then 3 to better it,you have yourself one of the finest players around new or old.
I moved from an Arcam CD73 to Ayre CX7e. Give it a listen and decide.