Replacing light bulb McInthosh 2125

Can anybody tell me how to do it? My meter's light went out
Audiogon member "Theo" is the master at replacing McIntosh bulbs. E-mail him or I'm sure he will see this and post a reply.
I will save you the trouble. I have never replaced bulbs on your model, but if you can order bulbs and a service manual from mcintosh parts. Bulbs are about 1.00 each and the manuals are 10-15.00. Although the manual does note address the replacement of the bulbs the exploded view of the component are extremely helpfull on how to reach the bulb strip. McIntosh has a nasty habit of soldering the bulbs to a "IC board strip" on the later models. When you de-solder these have a solder-sucker ready as you don't want to get the "strip" too hot as the traces are very thin. Now you may be in luck and they may plug in. On an old MC7205 the face plate (which were easy to get too) were plug in the meter bulbs which were a bear to get to were soldered.
But the "strips" usually have a ribbon harness that unplugs so you can remove the "strip" to easily access the bulbs.
One other suggestion as I was going to do this on my MC352 which I had changed bulbs a number of time is to contact They have come out with a number of LED retrofit bulb kits for a difdernt Mcintosh components at about 130.00 each. If you install this kit you are done.
I don't know if this will help but.
thanks guys