Replacing laser unit on a Linn Karik

Hello everyone,
I have owned my Karik II now for 15 years and have recently ordered a new cd laser unit from Germany. However there were no installation instructions. Upon immediate (removing cover) inspection it doesn't appear easily accessible.

Any guidelines for the DIY (who is afraid to break something!!).
I should add..why all this bother.
I am running this unit with the Numerik (w/ newest DAC and Switched PS) and I just think it still sounds great. (Norwegian springwater) other words once I start playing some of my cd's I have a hard time pressing the off button.

One of the things that made a big difference was when I replaced 2 of the LK100's with Klouts, recently. These are running the midrange and tweeters of my Kabers actively.

I don't think the bass (which is still a LK100) will make that much of a difference if this is also replaced with a Klout, but am anxious to hear anyone's feedback on this.

Thanks for any feedback!