Replacing KEF LS50s with Reference 1s

Has anyone done this and if so what is your conclusion?  The sources would be an Ayre C-5xeMP disc player and Sony HAP-Z1ES going through a K-5xeMP preamp to a VX-5 Twenty amp the drives the LS50s or Reference 1s.  A pair of Velodyne HGS-10s might be used with an SMS-1 bass manager to supplement LF.  I have five glossy black LS50s I'd be willing to sell to pretty much cover the cost of the pair of used Reference 1s -- I'd keep the racing red LS50s my wife so loves.

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If I had 5 of the same speakers, I would sell  them as 2 pairs and 1 center channel and be willing to sell the pairs and single speaker separately.  The chances are much less if you try to sell or swap all 5 for the other speaker.  At any rate, I would post an ad here on Audiogon.
I have not owned either, but have heard them in an A/B. The two-way design eliminates the bass congestion of the LS50, so the gain is better bandwidth, more detail and more open sound. My opinion is the improvement is large. I do not think selling 2.5 pairs of LS50 is going to come very close in covering a pair of reference 1s, though.
I had owned the Ref 1 and ref 3. The reference line it is a totally different league that doesn't even deserve to be compare with the LS50.
I sold the ref 1 to buy the ref 3. Exactly what I was expecting.
Best of luck 
"The two-way design eliminates the bass congestion of the LS50, so the gain is better bandwidth, more detail and more open sound. "

The Reference 1 is a three way, remember the Uni-Q driver is a coaxial 2 way.
anyone with experience mating the Ref 1 or Ref 3 with a CODA CSX (first 30 watts Class A), 330 into 8 and  660 into 4ohm?

We sell both brands

The Coda electronics are wonderfal and their tonality and bass control are outstanding.


Also as posted Ref 1 are in a different class of product

I'm considering a pair of used Reference 1s with stands, but you're correct that at best the sale of 5 LS50s will likely cover less than half the cost.

My experience with KEF Reference speakers is limited to the pair of 107/2s and a 204/2C I now enjoy, but the LS50s are amazing speakers.
I've proposed moving the racing red LS50s to side surround duty in the media room, but my wife wants them to remain in the living room, so Reference 1s may be out.  I think I'll reconnect the HGS-10s and SMS-1 bass-manager, but the Ayre preamp provides no bass management (nor does my Parasound JC 2 BP) so the LS50s will run full range.  I suppose I could insert the SMS-1 between the Ayre preamp and amp, but that would violate the all-Ayre balanced link from source to speaker.

You can try fmod attenuators for really cheap. I hear they are fairly transparent. Can buy off amazon. High pass in most frequencies. Would go into the rca input signal in your amp.